MycoKey International Conference 2020

March 9-12, 2020 - Palace Hotel, Bari Italy

MycoKey Integrated and Innovative Key Actions Mycotoxin Manangement in the Food & Feed Chain and IFMAP 2nd International Forum on Mycoyoxins in Animal Production with the participation of MyToolBox and the International Society of Mycotoxincology.

Outline Programme

Plenary sessions

Dialogue EU-Chine
Global Impact of Mycotoxins
Toxic Effects in Animals


Parallel sessions

S1 – Biodiversity & Toxigenic Fungi Monitoring
S2 – Challenges in Mycotoxin Analyses
S3 – Functional Genomics of Toxigenic Fungi
S4 – Prevention in die the Field
S5 – Remediations & Intervention
S6 – Food Processing & Technology
S7 – Modelling & ICT Solutions
S8 – Human Health & Toxicology
MAP1 – Animal Health & Toxicology
MAP2 – Human Health & Toxicology



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